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We presented our work at LREC 2010 (Language Resource and Evaluation Conference) with a poster and a paper:

    Willis, A., King, D., Morse, D., Dil, A., Lyal, C. and Roberts, D. (2010) From XML to XML: the why and how of making the biodiversity literature accessible to researchers, LREC 2010 (7th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation), Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta, Malta, 17–23 May 2010.

We presented a short paper at the Workshop on Advanced Technologies for Digital Libraries held in September 2009:
    Morse, D., Dil, A., King, D., Willis, A., Roberts, D. and Lyal, C. (2009) Improving search in scanned documents: Looking for OCR mismatches, AT4DL 2009 (Advanced Technologies for Digital Libraries, University of Trento, Trento, Italy, 8 September 2009.

with an extended abstract and a poster.

We presented a general poster describing the project at TDWG 2009 (now formally Biodiversity Information Standards, but still generally known as Taxonomic Database Working Group).

We also attended DRHA 2009 (Digital Resources for the Humanities & Arts) and presented our work in the form of a commentary over a dynamic PowerPoint presentation.

We have also given an internal presentation at the Natural History Museum as part of the Zoology series of seminars, and will give an internal presentation at The Open University to the Natural Language Processing special interest group.